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IMG_6604At Tangly Woods, we sure do love us our spinach!  Ever since childhood, when I used to sometimes order the salad bar at a restaurant and crunch my way through a nice pile of raw spinach leaves, I have had a taste for it.  When we married, Janelle introduced me to her family’s habit of spinach salad with boiled eggs and that magic dressing; we eat that salad as often as we can when spinach is in season…no wonder our first 10 years of gardening together yielded no appreciable cooked spinach and certainly no more than a pittance to freeze:  We ate it all fresh before it ever got that far!  The winter of 2014-2015 was the first winter we had enough spinach in the freezer to use substantially, if a little more sparingly than we might ideally prefer, until the fresh, overwintered spinach started coming ready in late March.  Spinach dip, potato-crusted spinach quiche, spinach with sweet potatoes, chicken, and chick peas in a bone-broth soup…it was a good winter. Continue reading

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