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Pickin’ Chickens

This past Friday evening, my friend and chicken collaborator, Nick Sette of Oak Spring Garden Foundation, presented a workshop at the Future Harvest/CASA annual conference. The aim was to aid farmers of any scale in sourcing, choosing, and selecting chickens to create flocks that will meet their needs. Despite the session being concurrent with several other popular and important sessions, we had a good group present, and people seemed to especially enjoy getting their hands on the live chickens Nick had brought. A nice way to end a long conference day!

The only complaint I had, and that I think might have been shared by some of the attendees, was that one hour was not long enough for the material I had brought to cover. At least one attendee asked for access to the slideshow. And I hope anyone feels free to be in touch with any questions.

This information will be presented again at the aforementioned Oak Spring Garden Foundation, as one section of a two day course on chicken care and management co-organized by the aforementioned Nick Sette. See you there?

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